If you are a working mom, you may have heard some of these questions aimed your way (or some variation of them) and cringed. Here are the top ten questions never to ask a working mom!

working mom

1. How do you do it all?
I’m not sure how I get it all done, but I’m sure it’s hard for all caretakers whether they stay home all day or go to work. Parenting is hard work!

2. Do you feel guilty working?
Do you feel guilty not going to work?

3. Who is with your kids all day?
My kids are well taken care of, happy and engaged and that’s all that should mater to you.

4. Don’t you miss your kids?
This is a horrible question to ask because if you have to go to work, it can make you feel guilty and sad.

5. Aren’t you tired?
I have yet to meet another parent who isn’t tired on some level whether they work full time, work part time or stay at home.

6. Did you miss his/her firsts (first step, first word)?
Yes, those firsts are precious, but isn’t every moment with your child precious?

7. So you must really love your job?
I love my job and my kids. This question implies I love my job more than my kids and I’m sure you don’t want to imply that.

8. Can’t you afford to stay home at least when they’re little?
Cringe. What if I can’t afford to stay home? Some things are not meant to be discussed and my finances are one of them!

9. Why did you have kids if you are going to let someone else raise them?
Who said someone else was raising my kids?

10. Don’t you worry you are missing out?
Every day I worry about everything—whether I’m missing out, whether I ran the dishwasher, whether I remembered to make my daughter’s dentist appointment. The list goes on and on, but I’m doing my best and that makes it okay.

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