Wine is a GREAT gift to give this holiday season. It can be a super inexpensive gift, and most of the time, your friends and family will love it. A small gesture that definitely goes a long way. But say you’re giving a wine gift to multiple close people in your life — you’ll probably want to dress it up a bit so it looks more personal.

That’s where the great video above comes in. You will learn 10 different ways to gift wine. The best part is, these ideas are all super inexpensive, and super cute! For many of the ideas, you can use a pretty wrap, that not only looks good, but will protect the bottle from breaking.

If you want to get really fancy, you can add a faux fur wrap or a leather tassel keyring. You know, just a little something extra that makes a big statement.

Personally, we love the idea of hanging a handmade ornament around the top of the bottle. Again, it’s a really easy way to add a little more personality to a generic gift.

Whichever of these ideas you try, make sure to really think about the person you’re gifting. There are so many little touches you can add to make them feel special no matter what gift you’re giving.

Watch the video above, and learn about some great ideas.

Which of these wine gift ideas is your favorite?


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