When visiting a new mom, consider these very important do’s and don’ts! Trust us, knowing these will make all the difference.


1. Do bring food.
With a brand new baby, there is a little time to think about food, never mind cook. So when visiting a brand new mom, consider bringing a meal, preferably homemade!

2. Do call ahead.
Showing up unannounced is not a good idea. A new mom needs a heads up if you want to visit so she can get herself and baby dressed!

3. Do wash your hands.
Please wash your hands before handling a new baby. New moms will be grateful that you aren’t potentially spreading any germs!

4. Do offer to help.
Offering to help, whether it be loading the dishwasher or watching the baby for a few minutes so the new mom can take a shower, will be appreciated!

5. Do come by yourself.
While your partner or kids may be really excited to see and hold the new baby, a huge gang of people may be overwhelming to a new mom and to a new baby. Plan for a group visit at a later time.


1. Don’t stay too long.

Don’t plan to stay very long when visiting a new mom. Newborns require lots of work and attention and a new mom may feel obligated to entertain you when all they want to do is lie down and rest!

2. Don’t overdo the advice.

New moms may be feeling nervous and wondering if they are doing anything right. Don’t overdo the advice as it may make a new mom feel worse. Instead compliment her on the good job she is doing.

3. Don’t come if you are sick.
New moms don’t need the added worry or stress of a sick baby. Even if you are really eager to see that new baby, stay away if you are sick!

4. Don’t be offended if they cancel last minute.
A new baby is very unpredictable. One minute they are fast asleep and the next minute they are crying. Don’t be offended if a new mom has to cancel last minute. Maybe they were up all night with the baby and are exhausted. Maybe the baby keeps crying and a visit just adds to the stress.

5. Don’t ask to wake the baby.
Don’t ask to see the baby if they are sleeping! Instead, offer the new mom a break. Offer to help fix them a snack or clean up the dishes. If you are lucky the baby will wake up and then you can snuggle them!

What are some tips you follow when visiting a new mom?


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