Any parent has at one point or another dreamed of having the quintessential treehouse their children could play in. You see them in movies and in your neighbor’s backyard, but if you have yet to build your own, you may just need an ounce of inspiration.

Luckily, B’fer Roth and his talented team have showcased five treehouses that will simply blow your mind away.

These may be qualified more so as guesthouses than your children’s playroom, but they may just get you inspired to build your very own. Perhaps a getaway spot along the coastline or a hidden spot amongst the trees in cozy Vermont, these are perfect, small options for summer family trips.

Who wouldn’t be down for anĀ oasis among the trees. It’s the perfect way to mesh seamlessly with nature and your surroundings.

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What do you think of these treehouse designs?

Featured image via Flickr


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