I had to fly for the first time when my son was eight months, which, at the time he was born, I thought would be no big deal. As I got closer to flying, I began to worry about it simply because it was such an unknown. I was good at traveling by myself, but throw a baby in and what happens then?

Thankfully, I know some veteran moms who gave me their best advice and the trip was a breeze. My son slept through both flights. Win! I can’t be that lucky all the time though, we flew a few months later and due to a rushed layover, my boy was up for the entire two and a half hour flight even though it was way past his bedtime.

So now, between the advice from other moms and my own experience, I feel like I have a good grasp on traveling with an infant… just in time for him to become a toddler.

My favorite advice for traveling with an infant:

Even if you’re not cloth diapering, put a plastic diaper cover on over your baby’s diaper to safeguard against blowouts.

Divide snacks into small bags in different locations. My diaper bag is large, so I keep a small bag of cheerios by the diapers and another by the toys for easy access.

Bring a change of clothes for the baby, yourself and anyone else traveling with you!

Have a few empty plastic bags available for dirty clothes, diapers, garbage, etc.

If traveling to visit family, ask them to store or buy some important items like extra diapers and wipes, a playpen, and/or car seat.

When flying, try to nurse or offer a bottle during takeoff and landing to keep baby’s ears comfortable.
When the seatbelt sign is off, walk the baby up and down the aisle.

Ask for an extra cup when the steward comes through with drink service. It entertained my son for 20 minutes.

Bring teething tablets.

Use a long layover to tire out your little one so s/he is tired when it’s time to fly.

Wear a nursing necklace.

What great advice do you have about traveling with an infant?

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