No one knows the struggles of being pregnant quite like a pregnant woman (sorry hubbies!), which is what inspired celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson to launch The Pregnancy Project. Filmed in real time, the set ($49.95) contains nine DVDs, one for each month of pregnancy. Anderson said she designed each of the 35 to 55 minute workouts to strength muscles and be rigorous enough to raise your heart rate without creating any risk for the baby. In keeping with the same theme, Anderson filmed her Post-Pregnancy 2 Workout DVD ($29.95) in real-time just 11 weeks after giving birth to her daughter Penelope.

tracy anderson

It’s hard to get inspired by someone who you can’t relate to on some level, and while Anderson’s svelte physique and A-list clients (think Jennifer Lopez) might be intimating, seeing her tackle each of these workouts with finesse during and after her pregnancy is nothing short of inspiring. If she can do it, there is no reason we can’t do it! Better yet, Anderson’s workouts are strategically designed to help women gradually build back their strength so there’s no need to worry about overextending yourself too quickly. Anderson also speaks throughout the workout, offering advice, insight, and little tidbits. The program featured on this DVD may begin as early as 6 weeks after delivery. And, on a final note, while the weeks and months after giving birth may be especially hectic, Anderson is the first to remind mothers everywhere that they need to show up and take care of themselves. “Most women, if they just slow their speed down will see that there is so much crap they fill their day with,” Anderson told us. “You need to take care of your body. You may be the biggest achiever, but to be able to create balance you can’t neglect taking care of your body.”

Amen to that!

Will you try Tracy Anderson’s The Pregnancy Project?

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