When the tooth fairy is scheduled to arrive, keep your cash! Here are six great (non-monetary) tooth fairy gift ideas to mark the occasion.

tooth fairy gift ideas

1. Certificate
What is better than waking up to an official certificate marking the arrival of the tooth fairy? Keep the certificate simple or get extra creative with tooth fairy dust (glitter)!

2. Letter
A letter from the tooth fairy is proof of her arrival in the middle of the night! Personalize the letter to your little one and it is sure to be a big hit.

3. Toothpaste
Toothpaste or a brand new toothbrush will keep the magic of the tooth fairy alive and remind your little person taking good care of your teeth is very important!

4. Special Box
For that first tooth, what if the tooth fairy left behind a special “tooth box” for any other teeth that come later? It should be just the right size and very special for each child!

5. Tooth Fairy Dust
Did you know that the tooth fairy leaves special fairy dust behind when she visits in the middle of the night? Scatter your child’s room or pillow with tooth fairy dust (i.e. glitter) and see the wonder in their eyes when they wake up the next morning!

6. Small Gift
Does your daughter love toy cars or your son love art? A small, meaningful gift that fits perfectly under the pillow is sure to please. It will show your child the tooth fairy knows them really well and brought them something very special!

Losing a tooth is a rite of passage. Mark this special time with one of these creative ideas!

Do you have any other great non monetary tooth fairy gift ideas?


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