We’ve all been there. In fact, I was just there this past weekend in the middle of the mall—the dreaded toddler temper tantrum in public! There’s no reason to panic. Keep these top five tips in mind to get the situation under control a little bit faster, or even better, avoid it altogether!

1. Keep calm.
Keeping calm when a tantrum happens is key. If you get mad, you will only escalate the situation. Remain in control, get down to your child’s level and keep your voice firm, but kind. These are all important elements in dealing with a not so ideal situation!

2. Think timing.
You have to go to the grocery store, the post office, and run 100 other errands. We all know there is never enough time to get anything done, but rethinking the timing of your errands could help solve the problem. If a child is hungry or tired it can only lead to frustration and tears more easily. So rethink running to the grocery store in the middle of your child’s nap time.

3. Set up expectations.
Reminding your toddler ahead of time, before heading into the post office or into the dry cleaners, of your expectations is another good weapon in your arsenal. Let your child know what you would like to see and what the consequences will be if they don’t follow through.

4. Stand your ground.
You’re in the grocery store and your child spots his favorite chocolate bar. You say no. She says you want to bet? And proceeds to sit in the middle of the aisle and scream. Don’t give into your child’s demands just to end the tantrum. Tell your child it is time to stop. If all else fails, leave your grocery cart with the nearest employee and make your exit. Your child will understand her outburst didn’t get her anywhere.

5. Remind yourself you’re not a bad parent.
Tantrum tempers are part of the toddler landscape. Just because your child chose the Target parking lot does not make you a bad parent. While you may feel as if all eyes are on you, don’t worry about anyone else except for yourself and your child. Pat yourself on the back for surviving and move on to something else once your child dries his eyes!

It can be hard to be “that mother” with the screaming toddler, but keeping these top five tricks in mind will help get the situation resolved with less tears for your child (and you)!

How do you deal with toddler temper tantrums?

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