Have you made your toddler a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the past five days in a row? Change up the lunchtime routine with these six yummy, and toddler lunch treats!

1.Cut it out:

toddler lunch
Maybe you have a picky eater or can’t think of anything else to serve but sandwiches. Don’t fear! You can still change up the lunch time routine. Grab some cookie cutters or cut out a sandwich into fun shapes. Your little one will love the new twist on an old stand-by.


Mix of wraps with ham, chicken, salmon and crab served
Grab some pita wraps or tortilla wraps and add in the ingredients you and your little ones love best. Think turkey wraps, tuna wraps, even fruit salad wraps!

3.English muffin pizza:

Grab some English muffins, sauce and cheese and voilà you have the makings for miniature pizzas! This is perfect opportunity as well to get your toddler helping in the kitchen.

4.Breakfast for lunch:

pile of sweet Viennese wafers
Who said breakfast can only be in the morning? Think waffles, French toast and pancakes. Make lunchtime fun with some breakfast foods!

5.Yogurt Dip:

Toddlers love to play with their food so go with it! Give your little one some finger foods such as cut up veggies and fruit and let them dip it in yogurt. Not only will you be serving them a nutritious option for lunch, but it gives them the chance to get their hands dirty!


Positive Breakfast
Omelets are a great, and easy, alternative for lunch. You can throw any ingredients you want into the pan and serve up a healthy and satisfying snack.

Lunchtime doesn’t have to include the same old, same old every day. Try a new twist on lunch with these toddler approved yummy treats!

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