Meet Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins, three fathers from England who are… pregnant? Well, not exactly. Bramley, Biggins and Hanson are actually wearing 33-pound pregnancy suits for one month in honor of their mothers, and well, all moms out there.

Before starting the sweet journey, the three made a pact to wear the suits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except when bathing), write a daily diary and make a daily video diary. Of course, they also promised not to cheat, so the three are slightly experiencing what a pregnant woman go through, such as back pain, unwarranted touching and trouble going to the bathroom. “After 5 hours of wearing the pregnancy suit, initial jubilation (aided by a few drinks, nothing excessive, of course) has worn off and the reality has started to bite, nip and rub.  The velcro straps that support the suit chaff against your neck, the belly itself hangs so low it swings perilously around your mid-groin and to pee you have to hike the thing up with one hand, pull the fella out with the other and pray you’re not urinating down your leg,” Biggins wrote on his blog.

three pregnant dads

The men are slated to wear the suits until March 15th, which is when Mother’s Day is celebrated in England. We have to say, this is an odd way to express your gratitidue for your mom, but we’re sure mothers everywhere are getting a kick out of this!

Head over to Three Pregnant Dads to find out more about these guys.

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