And now for something completely different: A Texas dad calculated just how much his stay-at-home wife is worth. “I’ve been thinking that I can’t afford for my wife to be a Stay-At-Home Mom. Now, I don’t at all mean to offend anyone with this post. I just have to say that for me personally, I can’t afford it,” Steve Nelms wrote on his blog, “We Are Glory.”

Nelms took at look at exactly what his wife does every day. Her laundry list includes: taking care of their son, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, cooking meals, and paying bills. Ergo, she is a nanny, cleaning lady, personal assistant, chef and accountant — except she doesn’t get paid for all of those jobs. If she did, Nelms calculated that she would make roughly $73,960 per year.


“In short, I can’t afford for my wife to stay at home. And I’ve tragically failed to show my wife the appreciation that she deserves. She loves me, loves our son, and loves our family, so obviously she isn’t doing any of those things for a paycheck or even for recognition,” Nelms wrote. “But it certainly doesn’t hurt to know that as a Stay-At-Home Mom her appraised salary is nearly double my actual income. So in a very weird way, this is my way of saying how much I value my wife as the mother of my child and the one who always has my back no matter what. You are more precious than rubies. And I can’t afford you.”


The comments this post have received is amazing, particularly from other stay-at-home moms who work extremely hard to keep their homes and families functioning. Many times stay-at-home moms don’t receive the recognition they deserve, so this was lovely.

Head over “We Are Glory” to read more.

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