Remember when we showed you that awesome kid’s Star Wars bedroom? Well, today we’re showing you have you can recreate the look if you happen to have a son or daughter who loves the franchise.

In the video above, you will see how the designer made such an incredible idea totally functional. For example, the bed is the main focal point of the room and takes up, pretty much the whole room, so the team made sure it could hold a lot of storage. The platform of the bed has a ton of drawers that are barely noticeable, but can hold a lot of clothes.

Another great touch, is how the designer incorporated the main elements of the movie into the room without adding clutter. A really cool example of this are the lightsaber curtain rods. Hello, any Star War room needs a lightsaber, but this way they also serve a purpose — win/win!

Watch the video above to get more ideas on how you can create a Star Wars bedroom for your child… or yourself!


Would your child love a Star Wars bedroom?


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