Spring is in the air. Now is a time to open the windows, let the fresh air in, and get the spring cleaning underway! Get the kids on board to help with those chores with these top five tips.

spring cleaning children

1. Make It Fun
Turn the music up and think games! Try to make Family Spring Cleaning Day a fun and enjoyable experience. Great music and imaginative games will go a long way. Is there laundry to do? Make sock sorting a matching game! Is there dusting to do? Who can finish their dusting the fastest?

2. Sort Toys
This is a great activity to get some cleaning done and to get the kids helping. Make three piles: toys to donate, toys to keep out, and toys to put away. Have your kids decide (with a little encouragement and coaching!) to sort their toys into those three piles. This is also a great opportunity to teach children the benefits of donating and giving back.

3. Sort Clothes
Depending on your child’s age this might be the perfect opportunity to give them a chore they can accomplish on their own. Have your child take all their winter clothes and gear out of their drawers and closets for storage for the spring and summer months. What a good feeling they will have accomplishing this task on their own!

4. Work Alongside You
Grab two rags for dusting or two pairs of gloves for gardening. Your kids will love the opportunity to work right alongside you and to imitate you as you get some chores accomplished. Give lots of encouragement and praise to keep the momentum going!

5. Reward the Hard Work

Schedule a family reward after all the hard work is done. Make sure every family member gets a say in what the reward will be and they will be that much more motivated to get the cleaning done.
Spring is here and that means time for some chores. Get the whole family on board and get the house cleaned with these tips!

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