We’re a sucker for all things French…baguette, Camembert, Yves Saint Laurent… but we feel guilty just writing about these indulgent love affairs! One thing we never have to feel guilty about however is pampering our little ones – and ourselves – with clean ingredients. The popular French makers of Sophie la girafe have partnered with a natural skincare company to introduce its first skincare line for babies and moms, the Sophie la Girafe Baby Collection and it’s now launched on Anthropologie.com.

All of the products are Ecocert certified, all natural and organic meaning you won’t be applying any toxins onto your child’s skin…their largest organ after-all. We’re also loving the packaging and that the products work just as well on our skin as it they do on our babies…especially since before they allow us to apply anything we have to demonstrate on ourselves!


Here’s a breakdown of their product line:

  • Sophie La Girafe Baby Face Cream (50 ml) $18
  • Sophie La Girafe Baby Body Lotion (150 ml) $22
  • Sophie La Girafe Baby Bubble Bath (150 ml) $18
  • Sophie La Girafe Baby Oil (200 ml) $22
  • Sophie La Girafe Baby Hair & Body Wash (200 ml) $22
  • Sophie La Girafe Travel Gift Set $24

And no worries if your baby has particularly sensitive skin. All of the products are free from potential allergens (and scent allergens) such as chamomile, calendula and feverfew, free from strong essential oils (which can irritate baby’s sensitive nasal canal), and are dermatologist-tested to be suitable for babies with sensitive skin. The moisture is also long-lasting (all day), and leaves behind a soft, light scent.

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