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The maker of Similac have announced that it will start selling a non-GMO version of its baby formula. According to The New York Times, the company will first start selling the non-GMO version of Similac Advance, followed by Similac Sensitive. “We listen to moms and dads, and they’ve told us they want a non-G.M.O. option,” said Chris Calamari, general manager of Abbott’s pediatric nutrition business. “We want to make sure we meet the desires of parents.”

Many formulas are made from corn and soy derivatives, with seeds that are genetically modified. According to Moms Advocating Sustainability, exposure to GMOs can affect food allergies and growth.

similac formula non-gmo

Although Similac Organic is currently non-GMO, Similac Advance, which is more similar to breast milk, will be the first mainstream formula without genetically modified organisms.

Not only does this announcement make us super happy, it’s a reminder that we should always be looking at what we put into our babies’ bodies. If you can afford it, going organic is a great option, but remember to have everything in moderation.

The non-GMO version of the formula will be available in June at Target.

Head over to The New York Times to read more!

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