SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, is a terrifying thought for any new parent. It’s the leading cause of death for one-month to one-year-olds, and there’s no clear cut explanation as to why or how it happens. However, a Seattle doctor thinks he might know what the causes this horrific incident.

According to the Seattle Times, anesthesiologist Daniel Rubens has spent the last 11 years researching what could cause SIDS, and his answer might surprise you. Rubens believes SIDS could be related to undetected, inner-ear dysfunction that makes breathing difficult for babies, therefore causing them to suffocate. “These babies have inner-ear damage, but they can’t tell you,” Rubens said. “They are too young to sit up. The baby has got a problem getting air.”

Now, Rubens is trying to raise money for more research that would allow a hearing test to be performed on newborn babies, to determine whether or not they have inner-ear problems. The Seattle Times reports that the research is based on a study of infant hearing that found that 31 babies who died from SIDS had some sort of hearing difficulty. One in four babies had extensive inner-ear damage.

Rubens’ work will be extremely significant, especially to the SIDS community. Many SIDS parents are left with guilt, and knowing if Rubens hypothesis is correct, will not only save lives, but perhaps allow many parents to cope.

Head over to the Seattle Times to read more.

What do you think of Rubens’ SIDS hypothesis?

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