June 21 was Father’s Day, and celebrities everywhere took to social media to profess their love for their fathers and husbands. Blake Lively was no exception.

Lively innocently shared a photo of husband Ryan Reynolds wearing a baby carrier with his daughter James inside. Unfortunately, Reynolds is under fire for caring his new baby incorrectly.

According to Yahoo! Parenting, many users are commenting that little James isn’t in the right position. Her head is completely covered and just her feet are dangling out. “First why is the baby in the carrier that way and how did he get the baby in it this way? This is very dangerous. Please read your baby product manuals with as much detail as you read a script,” one user wrote.

Adriane Stare, certified babywearing educator, told Yahoo! that the 6-month-old should probably be placed higher up in the carrier for Reynolds to feel her face on his, and her legs should be positioned better. But, let’s cut him a break, he is a new dad, right? “Although baby James is not in the most ideal position for this carrier, it’s really wonderful to see a happy dad trying his best to follow his instincts and snuggle his baby close,” she said. “When a baby is carried heart-to-heart on mom or dad’s chest, even when not perfectly positioned, a parent is much more able to be attuned to how baby is doing versus when their babe is away from them in a stroller.”

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  1. I will tell you what I think: He has his baby turned the wrong way so no paparazzi can get a photo of her face, obviously. Another thing: Who really cares about Mr. Reynolds anyway?
    . You’re overdoing the obsession you have with this man. It’s rather sickening, like when Brad and Gwyneth were a couple. He should be known as the guy who cheated on his first wife with the woman who wound up as his second wife. His acting skills are questionable at best.


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