A lot of times, we hear how often parents go without a meal because they are too busy prepping for their children. More often than not, you’ll find yourself snacking on chicken nuggets or mac and cheese because there’s not enough time to make something yourself. That’s why we love this pasta salad recipe that both you and your baby can enjoy.

In the video above, Kelsey Nixon is showing us how to make a healthy and delicious pasta salad. To start, you will need: tomatoes, avocado, garbanzo beans, spinach, olive oil, your favorite dressing and cheese.

Begin by creating two separate dishes. This is so you can tell which is yours, and which is baby’s. You’ll want to dice the tomatoes, as will as the avocado extra small for your little ones. Once that’s done, cook your pasta until it’s al dente. Nixon went with Rotelle pasta because it’s easy for a child to pick up.

Next, put as much pasta as you want in a bowl, add spinach, tomatoes, beans, cheese (feta is great!), and the dressing of your choice.

Then it’s on to the kid’s salad. Just put a little pasta, the small tomato and avocado pieces, a few beans, and jack cheese on a plate. The cheese is easier for kids to eat as oppose to feta. Finally, sprinkle it with a little olive oil, and you’re done!

It’s so easy to make this recipe and it looks absolutely delicious. If you want to save more time, you can use the olive oil and jack cheese for your dish as well!

Watch the video above to see all the steps!

Will you try this pasta salad recipe?


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