Ah, New Year’s Eve is almost here, so what are your big plans? Chances are your days of going out and partying are over, and you’re more likely to be found with your kids and your friends’ kids in your house just hanging. But just because your home, doesn’t mean you can’t throw an awesome New Year’s Eve party. If you’re looking to throw a kid-friendly bash, look no further than party boxes!

That’s right, you can literally receive everything you need for a fun night delivered right to your door, all in a neat and cozy box. Don’t believe us? In the video above, designer Genevieve Gorder sits down with two ladies from Superfete, a party supply company in New York City.

She’s looking to throw a New Year’s Eve party for a bunch of six-year-olds, and once she opens the party box, she has everything she needs including: noisemakers, wishing wands, bubble wands, sparkly apple cider and even confetti balloons.

The best part is, that the kids aren’t the only ones who will get a kick out of the decorations. They are cute, but also sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy.

Watch the video above to get more ideas about party boxes.

Have you ordered party boxes before?


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