Keeping it all together when you’re traveling with kids is anything but easy, not to mention the constant struggle to keep them entertained, which is why sometimes you deserve a few days away.

Seriously…don’t feel guilty, you deserve it!! In the same way that even the healthiest eater needs a cheat day every so often, parents need a few days to themselves as well. Enter Mizpe Hayamim, a wellness, spa, and organic farm retreat that puts Canyon Ranch and other Stateside spa hotels to shame.

The luxurious hotel is located between Rosh Pina and Safed and features a spa, swimming pool, panoramic terraces overlooking Galilee, and gourmet food like you’ve never tasted in your life (seriously…). Children are not allowed, so it’s quiet, serene, and utterly relaxing. The resort is almost exclusively couples (from young to old) with a few groups of traveling friends in the mix. What makes the 97-room hotel so special however is that it’s located on a 35-acre working organic farm meaning that all the produce served at the hotel’s two restaurants were picked just hours before they hit your plate.

Mizpe Hayamim

Fish and meat are brought in from local farms, but the amount of options made from the fresh fruits and vegetables is shocking. Even more shocking is that even someone who hates healthy food (I’m talking would never eat a salad), would love the food at Mizpe Hayamim. In fact I went with a photographer I travel extensively with and he was whining about going because while he’s always looking to loose weight, he loves food and the thought of eating healthy food for two days made him cringe. Once there however, he was converted. Unlike most of the produce we have State-side, these aren’t filled with water but rather with flavor and the chefs make dozen upon dozen of mouthwatering dishes with them.

Mizpe Hayamim

It’s not lightly that we’d recommend traveling across the world for a few days, but if there’s one place that’s worth it, it would be Mizpe Hayamim. Biblical farming techniques inspire the organic farm meaning everything is very simple and bare bones, but meticulously thought out to make the most of the dry, hilly land. Tours are given so you can see how it all works. Because all the food is used exclusively for the hotel (Mecca for local celebrities who love the privacy the resort affords), they can plant multiple crops in one section – and even on the same tree – so you’ll have one tree, for example growing both cactus fruits and grapes! All the animals are ethically treated and even have organic food to eat. In fact the animals are kept so pampered and free in nature that the fat in the cow’s milk used in all of the hotel’s food changes depending on the time of year since the natural food available to the cows changes – the milk can literally go from full fat to not enough fat for a cappuccino!

Mizpe Hayamim

The hotel also makes all of their own soaps, candles and body products which are simply divine and worth stocking up on in the gift shop. The rooms are spacious, clean, and have comfortable beds. And lest you’re worried about dessert…it’s delicious too. Fresh cakes (including sugar-free ones), chocolate, small bites, and ice cream. They also have a wide selection of fresh breads and daily yoga and Pilates classes along with a gym to work it all off.

Would you go on a parents-only vacation to Mizpe Hayamim?


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