So many kids, so little time!

When you have one child, things seem to be a little easier for parents. For example, you only have to focus on that one human being. If you have two, things get a little more complicated, but if you have a partner to help you, you can each tackle one child each. However, it’s when you have three, and you are definitely outnumbered, that things become complicated… and kids just don’t understand.

That’s why we love this parenting video from Primo Parents Amy and Eric, who sit their children down and ask them questions about having a large family. To no ones surprise, the kids think their aren’t enough babies running around the house. One of them even suggests having another baby because she wants to give him/her a different name.

This adorable video will make you appreciate any situation you have, and also laugh a lot!

What do you think of this adorable parenting video?


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