Are you traveling this holiday season to visit family and friends? Use our packing checklist to keep organized and sane!

holiday packing checklist kids

1. Safety First
Keep safety at the top of the list when traveling. You will need:

⃝ First aid kit
⃝ Medications
⃝ Vitamins
⃝ Aspirin
⃝ Emergency contact information

2. The Essentials
Don’t forget the essentials, Be sure to pack an extra set of everything if traveling with the kids! You will need:

⃝ Shirts
⃝ Pants
⃝ Socks
⃝ Underwear
⃝ Dresses/skirts
⃝ Coats/jackets
⃝ Shoes/boots
⃝ Hats/gloves
⃝ Belts

3. Toiletries
Toiletries often get overlooked. Don’t get caught without them! You will need:

⃝ Brush/comb
⃝ Toothbrush/toothpaste
⃝ Shampoo/conditioner
⃝ Contact lenses/supplies
⃝ Soap
⃝ Moisturizer
⃝ Dental floss
⃝ Hair products

4. For The Ride
If you have a long drive to get to your destination, consider packing items just for the ride. You will need:

⃝ Books
⃝ Movies
⃝ Snacks/water
⃝ Games
⃝ CDs/songs
⃝ Pillow/blankets
⃝ Pens/pencils and paper

5. The Extras

Keep in mind the extra items that you will need if traveling for the holiday season. You will need:

⃝ Wallet
⃝ Hospitality gifts
⃝ Umbrella
⃝ Cash/credit cards
⃝ Money belt
⃝ Keys
⃝ Luggage tags

6. Technology
Last, but not least—technology! You will need:

⃝ Cell phone and charger
⃝ Laptop and charger
⃝ Alarm clock
⃝ Camera and charger

Do you have everything on our packing checklist?



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