Now that the weather is warm, and school will be out soon, it is a great time to find ways to incorporate math into some great, fun outdoor games. Here are eight kid-approved activities that will keep your child thinking about numbers without even realizing it!

1. Hopscotch

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Some good old fashioned hopscotch is a perfect way to put some math into a fun outdoor activity. Laying out the hopscotch grid requires you and your kids to talk numbers and shapes. When your child takes his or her turn, have them count to the number they landed on before they hop away.

2. Water fun

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Think measuring cups, spoons, and containers. In the hot days of summer, gather some kitchen utensils together and a small wading pool or water table. Your kids will love the chance to splash around in the water and cool off while you can talk measurements, weight, and density.

3. Jump rope

Grab a jump rope and start counting! See how many jumps your child can take at one time or can they count to 25 by themselves while jumping?

4. Step counting

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This is a fun game that can be done anywhere! Depending on your child’s age, you can encourage lots of counting. Set up a finish line and then throw out some different tasks. Have your child take 50 baby steps to cross the finish line or maybe 25 giant hops. Your child will love the different tasks you give them and won’t realize they are doing math at the same time!

5. Lemonade stand

A lemonade stand is another great way to get your kids thinking math over the long summer months. Help your child set up a lemonade stand and decide what they want to charge per glass of lemonade. Whatever the price, this means counting money, making change, sorting, and tallying the total at the end of the day!

6. Treasure hunt

Set up an outdoor treasure hunt for your kids. Encourage them to find a specific number of each treasure. Maybe they need to find 5 acorns, 10 leaves, and 7 purple flowers. This will get them exploring, running, sorting, and counting!

7. Ball games

contact juggling
This activity only requires a ball and your imagination! How many times can your child catch the ball without dropping it? Can they count to 25 while they throw the ball to their friend? Can they kick the ball 10 times in a row to their sibling?

8. Sidewalk chalk

Grab the sidewalk chalk and get your creative juices flowing! Draw a rainbow. Help your toddler count how many colors are in the rainbow. Draw a big smiling face. How many eyes does the person have? How many ears? Is there one nose or two?

Springtime doesn’t mean math has to be on the back burner!

Get the kids outside and have a good time incorporating some math with these fun filled outdoor games! For more kid-approve activities, click the links below!

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