Until we’re living in Real Housewives of OC-style mega mansions, it’s going to be all about maximizing space, especially when trying to make our home look like something other than a zoo of children’s gadgets, garments and play things. With that in mind, multitasking products are always of interest, especially when they’re aesthetically pleasing and well designed. With that… check out the Singapore-based brand Oribel, which makes four, what they call, Peripops ($69).

peripop blanket


Meant for ages newborn and up, Peripops are soft stroller blankets have expandable bellies for storage. Flat or fluffy, each of the stuffed animal-like creatures can be used as a stroller blanket, floor mat, seat cover, sleeping companion, or for room décor… you can even use them as a clothing bag for traveling!

The machine-washable blankets are made from soft 100% cotton fabric (the pockets, when empty, are great for keeping little hands warm), and they’ve got ventilation holes for safety.Pandy_cushion

The brand also makes a second product, the PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center ($149). Similarly designed to serve multiple purposes, the forest-themed activity center is suitable for children 5 months to 5 years. It has a number of different learning toys and folds flat for portability/storage. It’s also easy to clean and can quickly be converted into a plastic flat play table (the toys clip in). Just like the activity center/table itself, the padded seat can easily be washed in the machine.


How cool is that?

Would you buy one of these Peripops? For other cool products, click the links below!


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