Most kids love back-to-school shopping. Picking out neon folders can be a blast, but for some kids, staying organized throughout the school year can also be a challenge. If kids seem particularly forgetful or rushed in the morning, they may not yet have developed a solid set of organizational skills that will lead them to succeed in finishing tasks on time and in the correct order. Here are a few organizational tips to help!

The first step is to teach kids how to prioritize, and lists are just the tool for this. A planning session accompanying an evening snack can be used to write down the order of activities for the next day. Parents can review these to-do lists until kids can grasp the concept of prioritizing activities by themselves. Dry-erase boards are fantastic for color-coded lists. The kids have the satisfaction of checking tasks off and can eventually transition to making their own lists in personalized planners.

A clean bedroom or workspace also contributes to developing a useful set of organizational skills. Kids who are encouraged to make their bed in the morning and maintain a clean and tidy homework space will be more enthusiastic about sitting down to complete assignments. Their desk does not have to be spotless enough to eat of off, but a less messy workspace decreases cognitive chaos.

Trips, whether to grandma’s house or to the grocery store can also be an exercise in organization. Kids can assist with grocery lists and make their own packing lists of items to bring when they go away on vacation. Finally, parents can keep in mind that certain activities, like sorting and collecting things like cards, or following steps in a recipe when baking cookies boost organizational skills.

Do you have an organizational tips that have worked for your kids?


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