If there is any group of people (besides Sanitation workers) who have felt the impact of the cold weather — more particularly the snow, it’s parents. Case in point? Odessa Waters, who was snowed in with her daughter for days thanks to Raleigh, North Carolina’s snowstorm.

While being alone with the kids for three days straight — no breaks, can be challenging, it’s even more so when your child doesn’t stop watching “Frozen” and singing “Let It Go.” If you haven’t been there, let Waters sum up the experience for you in this hilarious and all-too-real YouTube video she posted.

“If I ever could choke some cartoon characters, it’d be them. All them. I’d kill ‘em. If I could.”

This has got to be one of the funniest reactions to “Frozen” we have ever seen, and apparently, we aren’t the only ones who think so! The video is making the rounds and even landed on TODAY’s website, where Waters expressed how happy she was that people enjoyed the video. “I’m really glad that the video reached so many people. I think that laughter is a medicine and that it is good for the soul. With all of the things going on around us it’s great to take a moment or two out of each day to sit back and laugh and share a laugh. I actually love Olaf, but if I saw him right now, I would strike a match – just to see his reaction, you know?”

All in all, every parent knows that “Frozen” is an incredible tool, but once it gets in the hands of the wrong person (specifically a young child), well, it can be a little maddening.

Who else has been in Odessa Waters’ shoes before?


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