After the newborn whirlwind settled down, I started thinking about was how I was going to dress while nursing a baby. Did I need to reinvent my wardrobe? Did I need to buy a bunch of new clothes? What about that dress that I love?

Breastfeeding was such a challenge for me at its most basic level in the early weeks, that the idea of managing layers of new clothes plus a wiggly, hungry babe was overwhelming. But as my baby grew, so did my confidence, and the same can be true for you. Here are my tips for how to use what you own to create nursing outfits.

Layers are my friend. My go-to is an undershirt with a stretchy neckline (tucked into pants), a slightly loose/stretchy top, and a scarf. To nurse I simply pull up the shirt, down the top of the undershirt to reveal enough breast for my son to nurse, and use the scarf for extra coverage as desired.

Another strategy I like is to wear a button up shirt under a sweater. Just leave the middle buttons undone for easy access and no one notices.

I had a lot of light jersey sun dresses that I loved but didn’t fit me well in the bust post-pregnancy. My fix is to wear a t-shirt over the dress, sometimes I’d knot the t-shirt at my waist, and when Henry would need to nurse all I do is lift up the shirt. Button down dresses and wrap dresses also work well with nursing. Just undo a few buttons to nurse, and for added coverage wear a loose cardigan and/or scarf that can be draped over baby.

While pregnant I assumed I would use nursing bras and picked up a few cheap ones. I used them in the early days when I was at home and my milk was fluctuating. Once my breast size somewhat steadied, I realized I wasn’t happy with the nursing bras because they didn’t offer enough support. What I did instead was buy a normal underwire bra and when I nurse I just fold down the cup under my breast. I really like this technique because, as a busty woman, it provides support while nursing.

Clothes I have bought
High waisted jeans: I’ve fallen in love with these since having my baby. They keep my still jiggly belly in place and I never have to fear flashing the dreaded plumber’s butt when up and down chasing my son. I purchased two pairs soon after having Henry because my pre-pregnancy jeans were too tight.
Tank tops: I have a rotation of neutral color tanks that I wear almost every day. They go under anything. The neckline is stretchy so I can pull it under my breast. And when I wear a tank I can pull up my top layer shirt without worrying about flashing anyone.
Pretty underwear: I had the bad habit of wearing my underwear into the ground, so one day when there was a sale I stocked up on 10 or 12 pairs of pretty, everyday underwear that fit correctly. Who knew that underwear could make you smile?

What are some of your favorite nursing outfits?

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