Have you been trying to find a unique way to organize your home that won’t get old and boring after about a week? Get on the mudroom design train and see what all the fuss is about. The one clever way to keep your shoes, coats, and outdoor stuff all looking uniform with their own little nook is with lockers. See how to make it look stylish to fit your own decor.

In the video above, HGTV Remodels will let you in on the secret on how to create the perfect mudroom for your personal needs. Even if you want to go high tech, there is something special for you that will fit right into your busy life. Just because they are lockers doesn’t mean that it has to look like you are living at your old high school.

This video is practical and helpful when it comes to getting clutter out of your living room space. We all could use some help with the cleaning, and this is a great way to get your kids to do half of the work on their own, just by having a place to put their things when they get home.

And remember, any foray space can become a mudroom. With a little creativity and a lot of organization, you can come up with a great mudroom design.

Do you have any other mudroom design ideas?


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