Losing your child is one of the most horrific experiences a parent can go through. Even if your child just wandered off for a second, it’s enough to make any parent’s heart stop and a flood of anxiety take over.

We knew it was important to talk to our children about a plan if they ever do get lost, but the idea of stressing this has never been more necessary than after seeing this lost child social experiment.

DennisCeeTv posted a video of YouTube of a social experiment, where they had a little girl pretend to be lost. She went up to strangers on the street asking for help. While some people were seriously helpful, others were terrible rude (one man actually pushed her.) But nothing was as terrible as the last scene in the video.

You have to watch it to see what happens below, but it’s definitely worth it for all parents to see why it’s important to set up a safety plan with your child if they ever get lost.

Here are some ideas for safety plan: 

1) Give your child a cellphone that has your number on speed dial. You can also set up speed calling for other members of your family. This way, even young ones will know pressing 1 will connect you to them or number 2 will give them someone else who can help.

2) Teach your child to call your real name when they are lost. Shouting “mommy! mommy!” can put your child in harm’s way. Teaching him or her to call your real name will allow you to hear for them more clearly and for others to say “this child is looking for Linda Smith.”

3) Tell your child to look for another parent if they get lost. While it’s not 100% safe, changes are better if your child goes up to a person who has children with them.

4) Write your cellphone number somewhere on your child. You can write your number in their shoe, put it on a bracelet they wear daily, or invest in a Safety Tat. Be sure to tell your child where the number is so they can show someone who can help.

5) Always talk about safety with your child. Teach them why it’s important for them to stay close to you or another family member. Teach them about the dangers of wandering off and not telling you where they are.

6) Let them know that if they see a fire station, police station or hospital that is close by, to go straight there and ask for help.

There’s no guarantee these tips will 100% keep your child out of harm’s way, but it’s very important to try.

We highly suggest watching the video below, it’s scary but will prompt you to talk to your child about what to do if he or she gets lost.

Do you have tips for a lost child? Share them in the comments! For more on child safety, click the link below.

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