We bet you have a ton of Christmas cookie leftovers in your house. After all, cookies are the number one holiday treat for you and.. Santa! But let’s face it, days after Christmas, those cookies are bound to get a little stale. So what can you do? Check out this video for leftover cookie uses, of course!

In the video above, you will learn three awesome ways to reuse cookies that are not only delicious, but also super easy to create.

One option would be to make a cookie milkshake. All you need is ice cream, cookies and milk. If you’re feeling a little naughty, put a splash of whisky in there and have some real fun.

You can also use leftover cookies to make a unique pie crust for chocolate pudding pie. And don’t forget, you can always make cookie truffles, which, after watch this video look so delicious, we cannot wait to try it!

Be sure to watch the video above to learn how to make these tasty treats, and make sure to leave a comment below telling us how you use your leftover cookies!

Will you try these leftover cookie ideas?


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