It seems like we’ve been waiting for forever to hear Kim Kardashian announce the birth of her baby boy, and now the day has finally come.

Kardashian gave birth on December 5th to a healthy baby boy named… Saint West. That’s right, she named her baby Saint. She and husband Kanye West revealed the baby’s name on social media and Kardashian’s blog. It’s being reported that the baby’s middle name is Robert, after Kardashian’s late father.

Naturally, people have a lot to say about the name Saint. Many people took to Twitter and accused the couple of being narcissistic, on top of well, just plain old ridiculous.

But they aren’t the only ones who decided to go with the uncommon baby name. According to NameBerry, 32 baby boys were named Saint in the United States last year. NameBerry also notes that there has been an uptick in royal-themed names including Saint, Royal, Noble and Justice. And let’s not forget, Kardashian’s sister Kourtney named her baby Reign just last year.

Apparently, the couple got the idea because the pregnancy was so difficult….

Well, whatever the reason may be, we’re just happy to hear that both mom and Saint are happy and healthy!

What do you think of the name Saint West?


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