With all the different types of summer camps to choose from, your future Oscar winner or Olympic gymnast can make the summer even more worthwhile by honing in on a particular activity. Summer is the perfect time to find play in what could potentially also be a passion that manifests in a career path. Parents who start to pay attention early to the activities kids naturally gravitate to can help tremendously when it comes to steering them in the right direction of future endeavors.

Kindergarten and preschool: An array of various structured activities are the name of the game for kids ages three to five. Exposure to everything from kickball to macaroni necklaces is key in the self-discovery process. Half day camps are best for kids who are not yet used to being away from home for more than few hours, and alternating between high and low energy activities during this time teaches kids how to transition from one activity to another.

First through fifth grade: Kids between the ages of six and ten are developing friendships and learning to participate in sports teams and clubs as members of a team. The toddler who loved kickball may want to expand on those skills in soccer camp, for example. This will teach him or her how to work with others and enjoy a favorite activity in the context of a group.

Tweens: Kids in middle school begin to participate in social groups and peer pressure can become a force to be reckoned with. Attentive parents should encourage participation in activities kids show a genuine interest for and feed the passion during the summer with dance, volleyball, or drama camp.

High school: Advanced university affiliated summer programs can gear high school students for a college major or a career path in a chosen field. Older kids may also want to hone leadership skills in camp counselor or other summer jobs.

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