If your son or daughter is obsessed with Star Wars, then you need to watch the video above to see the ultimate Star Wars bedroom.

A boy named Ethan Valdez got his bedroom wish when his room was transformed to look like something right out of a movie!

Let’s start with the bed. Ethan’s bed looks just like a Anakin Skywalker’s Star Fighter, and it is raised high enough for storage. His walls are lined with scenes from the movie, which just adds an incredible effect.

Perhaps the coolest touches in his room come from the toys! Ethan has an R2D2 that responds to commands, a Lego-made Falcon, and an awesome lightsaber. On top of everything, he has a sound system that plays noises from the movies, you feel like you’re actually experiencing everything right there!

This is truly a room you have to see to believe. Check out the video above, and gain inspiration for your own child’s bedroom!

Would your kids love this awesome Star Wars bedroom?


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