Does your child hate reading? Here are some important tips to get even the most reluctant reader excited to sit down with a good book.

1. Figure out the why.
There can be many reasons why your child is a reluctant reader. Observe your child when reading to see if you can decode what is causing that reluctance. Is he or she having a hard time with vocabulary or comprehension? Is it the book itself that your child appears disinterested in? Does he or she have a sibling that is a very active reader and your child feels pressure to do the same? Once you are able to identify the root cause of the reluctance, it will be that much easier to find a solution.

2. Choices, choices, and more choices.
The book content itself might be the problem. Allowing children a large selection of materials when it comes to books is a good way to find a subject matter that interests your child. This will make he or she more likely to read. Consider magazines, as well as books, that include content you think might peak your child’s interest. Is your daughter a sports enthusiast? Consider subscribing to a soccer magazine. This can be especially important for older children and adolescents who find themselves sick of reading textbook after textbook and may stop reading for pleasure.

3. Establish a reading time.
Either at home, or working with your child’s teacher, commit to establishing a time each day when your child has a quiet space and access to lots of different reading materials. A consistent routine, a comfortable spot, a quiet atmosphere and lots of bright reading materials will help establish a message with your child that reading is important.

4. The power of friends.
As children get older and enter school, the sphere of influence on them expands. Finding one or two children that love to read and who can buddy up with your child may be enough to help peak your child’s interest in books. Enlist your child’s teacher for help and ask during quiet reading times if your child can be paired with an appropriate friend who is an avid reader. Having a reading buddy may do wonders to help your reluctant child grow as a reader.

5. Talk books.
Talk with your child about books. Let them see you read for pleasure. Take trips to the local bookstore or library together. Engaging in the reading process with your child is important in helping their love of reading grow.

Having a reluctant reader can be frustrating for both the child and parent. Use these tips to help your child develop an early interest in books and eventually a true love of reading.

Do your childrenĀ hate reading?


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