The holidays can be stressful. There are out of town visitors, dinners to host, and presents to buy. Here are our seven top holiday stress tips to help you out, so you have more time to focus on your family.

1. Prioritize.
With the holiday season comes invitations, parties, and get togethers. Prioritize the gatherings that are important to your family and say no to everything else. Decline invitations politely and focus on the celebrations you really want to attend.

2. Good enough is key.
Have relatives staying with your for the holiday season? Then your new mantra is “good enough!” A quick cleaning and sprucing up should do the trick. Don’t overburden yourself with excessive worrying about a spotless home or homemade five course meals. Your relatives are there to see you!

3. Delegate where you can.

Delegate when and where you can. Maybe your partner is in charge of selecting, and buying, the wine for Christmas dinner or wrapping the presents as you buy them.

4. Swap babysitting.
Swap babysitting with a close friend or family member. Shopping, cleaning, prepping for the holidays will be that much easier without little ones under foot!

5. Cut the shopping list.
The kids have asked for a million and one gifts for the holiday season. Cut that list down to the essentials and hit the stores with a pared down list.

6. Buy, don’t bake.
Do you need two dozen cookies for a get together tomorrow? Hit the grocery store! No one will mind you didn’t spend hours in the kitchen baking.

7. Get out in nature.
Throughout the holiday season, pace yourself and don’t forget to take breaks just for yourself. Get out in nature for a walk or a hike and soak in the beauty of the winter season.

Do you have any holiday stress tips?


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