There is never enough time it seems throughout the day to get everything done. However, research shows that family dinners together really does pay off, so carving out time to sit down for an evening meal together should be high up on the priority list.

have family dinners together

According to a WebMD article entitled “Family Dinners Are Important” by Jeanie Lerche Davis, there are many benefits to carving out that family time together. Some of the benefits include:

1. The tendency to eat healthier meals.
2. Kids are less likely to become overweight.
3. Kids are less likely to engage in certain behaviors such as smoking cigarettes, using drugs, and drinking alcohol.
4. There is more opportunity to engage in real discussions with your kids, including the chance to hear about any problems your children may be experiencing.
5. Family dinners have shown to increase a child’s grades in school.

The benefits to setting aside time every night, or as often as possible, to eat a meal together are clear. So how do busy families with long commutes, ballet recitals, karate lessons, never mind baths find the time? Jeanie Lerche Davis offers families additional tips to finding that time together.

1. Set a goal for how often your family can achieve dinner together and keep meals simple on busy nights.
2. Get the whole family involved in preparing the meal. Make it fun.
3. Take out or eating out still counts!
4. Remember no TV and no phones.
5. Be prepared with appropriate portion amounts and fresh ingredients.

Take the first step and make a commitment to sit down together as a family tonight! Finding time within a busy schedule is no doubt a tough feat, but with those benefits, it will be well worth the effort!

Do you sit down for family dinners every night?

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