The countdown to Christmas is on… and that means Santa’s Elf AKA you, will be busy wrapping all the gifts under the tree.

While we don’t suggest going all out with gift wrapping for the kids, unless you have a baby, babies LOVE wrapping paper, we do recommend dressing up your presents for other people in your life.

Adding a holiday gift bow is the easiest way to take wrapping from ordinary to extraordinary. In the video above, you will see how to DIY three gorgeous gift bows that will be perfect for a gift for your boss, sibling, neighbor, or basically anyone you’re looking to impress.

The tutorial will show you how to make a rustic bow using burlap ribbon, a lush satin bow, and a vintage stacked bow, so you can dress each gift accordingly.

So take a look above, and happy wrapping!

Will you try any of these gift wrapping ideas?



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