Are you dying for a date night with your spouse or just a free afternoon to get your haircut? Check out these tips on how to find a babysitter that’s┬áreliable (and trustworthy)!

1. Get personal:
Getting personal recommendations from family, neighbors and friends is one of the best ways to find a local, reliable, and trustworthy sitter for your kids. So get the word out there you are looking!

2. Reputable websites:
Consider a reputable website, such as or These are great places to start the search.

3. Local moms group:
If you are involved in a local moms group or club, consider swapping babysitting duties with another mom that you, and your kids, feel comfortable with and can rely on.

4. An old favorite teacher:
An old favorite teacher may be a great option for an occasional date night sitter or during the summer months.

5. Local organizations:
Checking in with a local church, library or community center may help connect you to a great sitter.

6. Local college or university:
A local college or university is another wonderful resource. Students, especially those majoring in Education or Early Childhood Studies, would be a good fit and most often have fairly flexible schedules that could accommodate that random Tuesday afternoon haircut!

7. References/background check:
Once you’ve found your perfect sitter, don’t forget the important safety concerns. References and a background check are a must to be sure you are leaving your kids with someone safe and trustworthy.

8. Interview
Setting up an interview ahead of time gives you, and the sitter, the chance to meet and be sure it is a good fit.

9. Set up expectations
Once you’ve scheduled a date and time, make sure your new babysitter is aware of any, and all, expectations you have including meals, bedtime, special requests, and how to get in touch with you.

10. Get your child’s input

The best feedback to determine if this will become a permanent, long term working relationship is to ask your kids! A good sitter will have your kids seal of approval!

Do you have any tips to help parents find a babysitter?


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