Every summer we hear of tragic stories about babies left in their car seats in the heat.
In many cases,  these situations end in the death of a child. Now, one company is trying to put an end to this.

Evenflo has created a car seat with technology that lets parents know that their child is in the car once they turn the car off. The SensorSafe Car Seat is set up through a wireless receiver that on the seat’s chest strap clip and is plugged into the on-board diagnostic system of the car. One the ignition is off, the driver will be notified by a series of tones that the baby is the seat, helping busy parents remember in case they forgot.


“This car seat will eliminate the chance of a baby being forgotten in a car,” Sarah McKinney, Walmart’s director of corporate communications, told Yahoo Parenting. “Our hope is that no one would ever need the SensorSafe system, but the reality is that one child dies every nine days” from being left in a car.

That statistic is staggering. The car sear will be sold exclusively at WalMart and is currently available for $150 on the website. It will be available in-stores in August.

Check out the demo video below, and be sure to head over to Evenflo’s website for more information.

Will you invest in Evenflo’s new car seat? For more on child safety, click the links below.

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