For all the doctors that recommend their patients take a multivitamin, there seem to be just as many that say it’s futile.

When it comes to pregnancy however, there is very little debate as to the merits of taking prenatal vitamins. During the first trimester of pregnancy, possibly before you even know you’re pregnant, your baby needs adequate folic acid to protect and form its brain – and that’s just one vitamin women don’t often get enough of in their diet. In fact a mother’s nutritional status before, during, and immediately after pregnancy plays a critical role in her baby’s development and lifelong health. Moreover poor nutrition in the womb has been linked to adult chronic diseases. There’s no doubt that taking prenatal vitamins daily can make an important difference in the future health of your child. Unfortunately pregnancy is also a time where nausea tends to kick into overdrive making the appeal of swallowing a horse pill nothing if not unappealing. Enter ERZO.


Founded by Erica Huss and Zoë Sakoutis, the same women who ushered in the juice cleanse craze when they founded BluePrintCleanse, ERZO Vitamin Biscuits are whole grain biscuits  formulated with a complete prenatal vitamin. That’s right…it’s the world’s first chewable non-gummy vitamin! The biscuits are a cross between a cracker and a cookie and come in four flavors: Oat, Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry Greek Yogurt, and Ginger as well as a gluten-free version of the Oat. All you need is three biscuits a day.

It’s also worth noting that for every box sold, ERZO is donating an equivalent dose of vitamins to pregnant women who need them in developing countries through Vitamin Angels.

If you’re thinking of trying ERZO, speak to your doctor first!

Have you tried ERZO Vitamin Biscuits?


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