Are you looking for a date night, but stuck on what to do and where to go? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our top ten easy date night ideas!

1. Relive Your First Date

date night ideas Relive that first magical night by going on your “first date.” Try to conjure up all those long forgotten details such as what you ordered for dinner or what wine you were drinking and do your best to recreate that memorable first date!

2. Couples Massage

Couple At Spa
Raising kids is stressful and time consuming. Take a time out together by booking a massage for two at a local spa.

3.Visit A Local Museum

Tourists using a digital tablet Stroll hand in hand and talk about things other than bills, diapers, and play dates!

4. Picnic Under The Stars

Russia couple beautiful wedding newlywed big hands, picnic in a This is a great date night idea especially if you aren’t able to nail down a sitter. Put the kids to bed, grab the wine and cheese and have a picnic in the back yard under the stars!

5. Get Active Together

Fitness Stock Photos Go for a hike, hit the bike trail, or even roller skating. Turn your date into an opportunity to get active together.

6. Wine Tasting

iStock_000072900041_Small Visit a local winery or brewery for a wine tasting. You may even be able to snag a tour of the winery and a few bottles to take home.

7. That New Restaurant

Couple Enjoying Lunch In Outdoor Restaurant You drive by it every afternoon after carpool; that new restaurant in town you’ve heard is amazing. It’s time to check it out (and not just from the car with the kids screaming in the backseat)!

8. Sporting Event

American Football Fans
Score tickets to a baseball or football game and hit the stadium to cheer on your favorite team together. On a budget? Consider a minor league game.

9. Movie Theme Night

Senior couple sitting in couch and watching tv
Give the old dinner and a movie date night a new twist. Make it a themed night. Check out an Italian restaurant and rent The Godfather on the way home.

10. Get In Class Together

happy friends and chef cook baking in kitchen Lots of communities offer local classes so consider taking one together. Maybe a cooking class will be the perfect fit for you!

Do you know of any other great date night ideas?


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