Mornings can be extremely chaotic. With work, school, errands and any number of places to be, getting out of the house on time and with everything in tact can be challenging to say the least. Here are some tips to help keep the chaos under

1. Sleep is key: 
Getting to bed at a reasonable time and getting a good night’s rest will help you wake up feeling vitalized, refreshed, and ready to start the day. Nothing starts the day off worse, in my opinion, than being short on sleep!

2. Plan ahead:
Prep lunches, backpacks, paperwork, clothes, and shoes the night before. Having everything laid out and ready the next day will save time, energy, and sad little voices saying “I can’t find my sneakers!”

3. Dole out jobs:
Depending on your child’s age, doling out age-appropriate jobs is a good way to get your children up and at ’em. It is also a great way to get them engaged in the morning routine. Can one child feed the dog while another child helps hand out breakfast?

4. Make it fun:
Blast music or use the old “who can get dressed fastest game” to put some fun into those mornings!

5. Schedule it out:
Create a schedule with your kids to help keep them on track once the alarm clock goes off. Maybe you want them to get dressed first thing or brush their teeth right after breakfast. Whatever, the routine, make a schedule and stick to it. Creating a visual schedule is even better to hang up where everyone can see it!

6. Give yourself five minutes:
Give yourself five minutes before everyone else wakes up. You can use it to sip that cup of coffee in peace, collect your thoughts or do some quiet meditating. It will get you centered and ready to face the rush.

7. Use a timer!
Still find it hard to keep everyone on track? Try a timer. Give the kids ten minutes to get dressed or fifteen minutes for breakfast. When the timer goes off, it’s a good reminder to you and the kids it’s time to tackle the next item on the morning to-do list.

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