You have a million and one things on your plate this holiday season. Take a time out to connect with your kids with these nine fantastic ideas.

1. Movie Night:
Grab the popcorn, hot chocolate and a blanket. Snuggle in for a family movie night.

2. Dinner Together:
It can be hard to have a family dinner every night with holiday get togethers, concerts, and shopping. Make it a priority to have dinner together as often as you can. Turn the gadgets off and enjoy each other’s company!

3. Enjoy The Great Outdoors:
Even a ten minute stroll as a family is a great way to re-energize and reconnect.

4. Game Night:

Pull the board games out and spread a blanket on the floor. You have an instant picnic and family game night.

5. Love Notes:
If you are really strapped for time and know you are going to be on the run all day, leave love notes around the house where your partner and kids can find them. It will let them know, even though you are busy prepping for the holidays, you are thinking about them.

6. 10 Minutes A Day:
Aim to spend ten minutes a day fully engaged and connected to your kids. Listen to their tales of school or play Lego’s with them on the floor. Those ten minutes will do you both a world of good!

7. Read:
Pull out the family’s favorite holiday books, or even the old classics, and read together as a family.

8. Decorate:
Nothing is more fun, or festive, than grabbing the holiday decorations and spending a nice afternoon decorating for the holidays. Encourage your kids to participate!

9. Volunteer or Give Together:
Is there a day or afternoon you can set aside as a family to volunteer at a local organization or put together some items to donate? Not only is it a great way to spend time as a family, you will also be helping out those in need.

How ar you planning on connecting with your kids this holiday season?


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