Bella Gravida rental

Bella Gravida: Designer Clothing Rental For Pregnant Women

Bella Gravida is a new subscription maternity and nursing clothing rental service launched exclusively for women who want to look and feel good without going broke in the process! (Pretty much all of us,...
pregnancy foods

10 Foods To Add To Your Diet When You’re Pregnant

"In general, eating whole foods will help you feel better when you're pregnant and nourish both you and your baby," says self-nourishment counselor and integrative nutrition health coach and founder of Path for Life Jeanette Bronée....
evenflo car seat heat

New Car Seat Will Save Babies From Hot-Car Death

Every summer we hear of tragic stories about babies left in their car seats in the heat. In many cases,  these situations end in the death of a child. Now, one company is trying to put...
diclegis kim kardashian morning sickness

Kim Kardashian Has The Answer To Morning Sickness

Most of the time, we're looking at Kim Kardashian for fashion advice, a reality-TV break or just someone to love to hate. But now, we can look to Kardashian for pregnancy tips? Kardashian has partnered...
Jeannette Bronae

10 Foods To Avoid When You’re Pregnant

"Many of your healthy habits and food choices can get challenged when you are newly pregnant because of cravings and discomfort from bloating as your hormones affect you and your digestive system," explains self-nourishment...
britney spears pregnancy announcement

WATCH: Britney Spears Themed Pregnancy Announcement

We have seen a lot of pregnancy announcement videos, and every new one seems to be more clever and funnier than the last, but we have to say this Britney Spears pregnancy announcement is...
similac formula non-gmo

Huge News For Users Of Similac Formula

Ask and you shall receive. The maker of Similac have announced that it will start selling a non-GMO version of its baby formula. According to The New York Times, the company will first start selling...
car seat safety

Everything You Need To Know About Car Seat Safety

The newest addition to the family is precious cargo and this requires investing in the right means of transportation. With all the different car seat options out there, there are multiple ways to ensure...
most popular baby names

The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2014

This post is for all you mamas and pappas-to-be! If your little one will be here before you know it and you've yet to decide on a baby name, check out the most popular ones...
newborn nutrition

I’m Pregnant, Now What? | Newborn Nutrition

One of the most basic desires known to humankind is to feed our children. It's hardwired into our brains and hearts and there is little a parent wouldn't do to feed their young. When...
postpartum help

I’m Pregnant, Now What? | Asking For Help Postpartum

This is the firfth installment in a series dedicated to informing you, a newly pregnant mom. When I first discovered I was pregnant I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and opinions about everything...
fresh prince pregnancy announcement

VIRAL: Fresh Prince Pregnancy Announcement Will Make Your Day

We've seen all kinds of amazing pregnancy announcement. Some are adorable, some are really sweet, and then some, like this Fresh Prince pregnancy announcement, are downright awesome. Meet Jesse and Mellisa Meek, the Oregon couple...
desi bartlett yoga exercises

The Exercises You Should Never Do While Pregnant

The shock of seeing model Sarah Stage’s very tiny 8.5 month baby bump - and her abs this close to her due date - has caused quite the stir in terms of pre-natal health...
baby names

15 Baby Names That Are Going Extinct!

Choosing the perfect baby name is not easy. Suggestions come from everywhere, including: books, friends, relatives and even celebrities. Every parent wants to choose a name that's fitting for their soon-to-be-born child. And if you're...

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