britney spears pregnancy announcement

WATCH: Britney Spears Themed Pregnancy Announcement

We have seen a lot of pregnancy announcement videos, and every new one seems to be more clever and funnier than the last, but we have to say this Britney Spears pregnancy announcement is...
crochet bra cat

YES: Parent Dresses Cat In Bra To Show Teenager How Small It Is

You would think that the headline says it all, and in this case, it does. However, we're going to give you the backstory because it's hilarious, and you probably need a good laugh today. As...
parenting quotes

Having A Rough Day With The Kids? Read This

Having a rough day with the kids? Here are fifteen inspirational (and some funny) parenting quotes to keep you going! 1.“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” ― Benjamin Spock 2.“Having children is...
mother's day ideas

15 Things Moms REALLY Want For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is Sunday -- yes, this Sunday. And we're sure you're thinking of some amazing things to get your mom this year. While flowers and chocolates are nice, we've rounded up a list...
America's Funniest Home Videos

Woman Gets So Excited Over Her Daughter’s Pregnancy, She Pees Herself

It's always exciting when moms find out they are going to become grandmas, but one grandma-to-be took her excitement to whole other level. One day, Lynnda was putting something in the oven when she noticed...
fresh prince pregnancy announcement

VIRAL: Fresh Prince Pregnancy Announcement Will Make Your Day

We've seen all kinds of amazing pregnancy announcement. Some are adorable, some are really sweet, and then some, like this Fresh Prince pregnancy announcement, are downright awesome. Meet Jesse and Mellisa Meek, the Oregon couple...
the lion king viral video

Little Girl Gets VERY Emotional Watching The Lion King

Anyone who has ever watched The Lion King can relate to his little girl. A father recently uploaded a video to Facebook of his daughter, Viktoria, watching The Lion King for the first time. Naturally,...
twin babies funny video dancing

TOO CUTE: Twin Babies Become VERY Excited When Mom Sings

We can sometimes handle one adorable baby, but two? That's tough! We're about to lose it over these twin babies who become very excited when they hear their mom singing. Meet Amira and Amel, the...
kids are the worst instagram

Meet Your New Favorite Instagram Account

Sometimes, social media is an incredible, incredible tool for parents. Whether it's reading a funny tweet or empathizing with a heartfelt Facebook post, parents can definitely feel a sense of community even when millions...
teens react 90s songs

LOL: Teens React To Classic ’90s Songs

If you're like us, then you know just how sweet the '90s really were. The fashion, the innovation, the music -- all perfection. If you're like us, then you also know that teenagers wouldn't...
gender reveal video

AMAZING: Mom Of 6 Boys Finds Out She’s Having A Girl

Little boys are wonderful, but after six of them, it's totally normal for a mom to want a girl. Case in point? This mom named Cher Lair who found out she and her husband were...
josie girl poop video

LOL: Adorable Little Girl Is Very Upset

Meet two-year-old Josie, a little girl who is very, very upset with her Mimi. According to the Daily Mail, Eric Palonen from Connecticut uploaded this amazing video of his toddler daughter explaining to her family...
funny toddler video

When Toddlers Interrupt: A Day In The Life With A Toddler

During the toddler years (one to three), your child is going to be very curious, active, and well, a bit annoying. If you haven't experienced the toddler years before, you definitely need to watch...
three pregnant dads

3 Dads Wear Pregnancy Bellies For One Month

Meet Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins, three fathers from England who are... pregnant? Well, not exactly. Bramley, Biggins and Hanson are actually wearing 33-pound pregnancy suits for one month in honor of their mothers,...

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