What could be more fun than a playhouse fort? When your kids get to be pre-teens, they want to have some privacy, but still have a zest for adventure. Playhouse forts are the perfect way to give them a little bit of both. Not sure where to start? We’ve got your back. In the video above, Deek Diedricksen is showing us how to DIY this fort.

To get started, create your base by hammering nails into 4 x 12 foot lumber pieces. Then, you’ll connect some support pieces, 16 inches a part. Afterwards comes (kind of) the hard parts. You’ll have to do a lot of building, so make sure you have enough wood, the proper tools and of course, some time and patience.

You’ll see that this playhouse fort is really special because it comes with a hatch, a cute back door, storage, flower box/more storage and easy to climb stairs.

The task seems daunting, but it’s the perfect Sunday project that your kids will appreciate, and have for years and years to come. So, if you’re thinking of trying out this idea, watch the video above, and leave us a comment letting us know how it turned out for you.

Will you give this DIY playhouse fort a try?


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