Advice Why You Should Never Let Your Toddler Brush His/Her Own Teeth

Why You Should Never Let Your Toddler Brush His/Her Own Teeth

When you have a toddler, you go out of your way to teach him or her everything. You want them to become a little independent person. But there is one thing you should watch out for: your 2-4-year-old brushing his/her toddler teeth.

Even if you sit there every day with your toddler and explain how to brush teeth, they can still end up with a slew of dental problems because they don’t quite fully understand. Don’t believe us? In the video above, mom Glass Posse, who has gone through everything from baby cavities to tooth abscesses, explains why you should never let your baby brush his/her teeth alone. She also has some great dental tips.

One of her best pieces of advice? Get a pediatric dentist! Your pediatric dentist will be able to help navigate you and your toddler’s teeth. Also, be sure to pick a great toothpaste that your child likes (and is also healthy!), as well as a toothbrush that will make everything more fun. You can pick out a toothbrush that glows or plays music as a timer reminder.

Be sure to watch the video above to learn other great tips from Glass Posse!

Do you have any advice on brushing toddler teeth?



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