Bonpoint, the famed french children’s wear brand has now gotten into the beauty business with a delightfully pure range of products.

The brand’s first product, a hand cream, launches in August, while the rest of the range hits the States in November (though if you find yourself in France this summer/fall you can shop the full range now!). The packaging is perfect – pure to showcase that the hypoallergenic range is made using natural ingredients, all of which will leave skin feeling baby soft – no matter your age.


The products are lightweight, meaning they’ll work even in the summer, but hydrating enough that you can lather them on in the dead of winter.  And, because all of the products were formulated with children in mind, they’ll work even for those with sensitive adult skin.

The range includes face and body creams, foaming cream, oil skin and lotions. The also smell so heavenly since they’re made with orange blossom (just like the brand’s signature scent). You’ll literally smell and feel just like a freshly scrubbed and washed baby! In fact you just might forget that you didn’t buy the products for yourself…

Will you try out Bonpoint’s beauty products?


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