When it comes to birth order, there are quite a few cliches. For instance, people tend to think the eldest children are the smartest because they had more one-on-one time with parents. People also assume the youngest kid always gets babied, while middle children just crave attention their whole lives. Again, these are all cliches, but in reality, can birth order affect personalities?

Well, according AsapTHOUGHT, birth order can have some affect on how your children behave. For instance, first-born children tend to have higher ambition, more maturity and better leadership skills. Middle children, however, can be less ambitious, but more cooperative, flexible and sociable, while the youngest can be more charming, creative and confident.

And what happens if you’re an only child? Well, apparently, you are more creative, resourceful and controlling than your peers who have siblings.

Of course, there are so many factors that contribute to personality development, such as social economic status, number of siblings, and gender. However, it’s very interesting to see how these traits relate to you and your family.

For instance, my sister Lauren is the middle child in our family, and she is definitely much more laid back than my older sister and myself. Also, if I do say so myself, I am quite charming!

Watch the video below and be sure to leave us a comment letting us know if what AsapThought has to say rings true for you!

Do you think birth order affects your personality?

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