Yes! Creating, and maintaining, a bedtime routine for toddlers can be challenging to say the least. Toddlers are notorious for having a mind of their own and often bedtime is not on their to do list. However, creating and maintaining a bedtime routine is important for both children and caretakers and here’s why!

1. Snuggle time.
After a long day, having a calming bedtime routine gives you and your children important one on one time. This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and hear about their day. Put on your pajamas and snuggle up for some quality time together.

2. Story time.
If possible, include a story as part of your child’s bedtime routine. Reading together every day will help instill a love of reading at an early age. Toddlers are at the perfect age to pick out their favorite bedtime read themselves so follow their lead and read away!

3. Repetition time.
Children, particularly toddlers, need structure and routine. It helps them understand what is coming up next and gives them a sense of security. Having a well-established bedtime routine goes a long way in giving your toddler a sense of security, and helps them to understand what you expect from them at night.

4. Transition time.

Bedtime activities give very busy toddlers the time they need to transition from a busy day to getting ready for bed. This is also a key opportunity to help toddlers learn to self sooth and learn some relaxation techniques. Our toddlers will someday be adults and teaching them those tricks is a gift that can use their whole life.

The next time your toddler tells you he is not going to bed, don’t give up!

Think of the benefits of having a well-established bedtime routine and stick with it! Read more great advice about toddlers by clicking the links below!

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